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Before it was "The Residual Master LLC," this passion started with one team members fathers words as a child, on budgeting, saving and investing/starting a business for the future. He always said that we would always have "residual bills" and thus, we need to have a plan to "master" them.


Apart of this was knowing what bills you have that are needed, what items could be eliminated, and how we could take the rest to create positive cash flow. It was not enough to have cash flow for the current moment - but he stressed that we needed to have enough cash flow to start something that would benefit our future generations.


Because of this, she has been successful at "adulting" and has hit one of the final phases which is starting this business. We can appreciate that not everyone has someone like her father in their lives. In fact, many of her friends had requested help on understanding their finances and improve spending habits.


Many also did not understand the basic principles of banking. With the knowledge her father instilled and her 10 year banking and customer service experience....The Residual Master LLC was born!

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